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For me Dynasty Warriors was the ultimate sibling bonding experience. Me and my little sister would always play the game together after school. She would always play as Xiaoqiao (since shes the youngest), and I would always play as Daqiao (since i’m the oldest). We always had so much fun playing together.

She lost interest in the series over time sadly, but when ever I’m feeling down, I just play as either Da or Xiao. Memories of me and my sister bonding always comes flooding back. And while she no longer plays, she will occasionally come watch her big brother play on his own.

Its because of Dynasty Warriors, The Two Qiaos specifically, that me and my sister are so close. And I’ll always be thankful to Koei for the bond we share.

i don’t know why people complain about the character’s move-sets. sure, some of their moves may be slow or underrated, but once you play them frequently, you’re gonna get used to it. for example, Zhu Ran move-set is slow at first since his weapon is a bow. but once you level him up and everything, he’s gonna storm the entire battle.

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